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"A Major League Read!"

...Tony La Russa, Hall of Fame Manager

Greg Pryor shares amazing baseball stories from his career, if you’re a baseball fan this is a book that you will read from cover to cover!;Greg Pryor, 1985 World Series Champions, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, The Day The Yankees Made Me Shave, Greg Pryor book, Chicago White Sox, meet Greg Pryor, Greg Pryor autograph, Greg Pryor baseball cards, Frank White, George Brett, Tony La Russa, World Series Champions Kansas City Royals, George Brett 2000th hit, Jim Sundberg, Life Priority, Total Joint, Total Joint Complex, Muscle Memory, World Series Club, Greg Pryor autograph, Greg Pryor podcast, sports health, sports nutrition, the day I played with Bo Jackson, old school baseball talk, old school baseball, Kansas City baseball players, Greg Pryor Facebook, Greg Pryor website, Greg Pryor memorabilia, baseball books, books about baseball, books by baseball players, Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals books, Kansas City Royals memorabilia, George Brett pine tar, 85 World Series, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, Designer Food, dietary supplement industry, sports supplements
Greg Pryor; Greg Pryor Book

A Glimpse into the Life of Professional Baseball

In 1967, Greg Pryor was an undrafted high school baseball player. His dad bribed the head coach of Florida Southern College (FSC) in Lakeland, FL to give him a small scholarship. He made the NCAA Division II All-America honors in 1970 and 1971 and signed a pro contract with the Washington Senators. He played in MLB during 10 seasons and was a member of the 1985 World Champion Kansas City Royals.

The Day the Yankees Made Me Shave includes 27 Days in Greg’s amateur and professional career. Included are personal recollections of wearing #42 for the New York Yankees, playing in the famous Pine Tar Game in Yankee Stadium, playing shortstop in the Disco Demolition game in Comiskey Park, playing in the ‘85 World Series, being called a dumbass by George Steinbrenner, loaning George Brett his bat when George stroked his 2,000th hit, hitting 3 walk-off home runs, playing with Bo Jackson, and many other notable events. We want baseball fans worldwide to enjoy these anecdotal stories, since many of the stories in the book relate to various teams, Hall of Fame players and managers, and widely recognized baseball events.

A Must Have for any Baseball Fan!

Greg shares amazing baseball stories from his career, if you’re a fan this is a book that you will read from cover to cover, at least once!

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Staying in the Game!

Insights from Greg Pryor regarding your health and staying in the game!

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Staying In The Game

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Stay on Your A Game!

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Greg Pryor and Life Priority

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