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Staying In The Game

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Dear Baseball Fan,

I want to help you “Stay in the Game of Health“I wish that I had known about the value of using the right dietary supplements was when I played in MLB.”  Greg Pryor

Thank you for your support of the great game of baseball as a player or a fan.  My 16-year career as a pro baseball player helped groom my future involvement into the health supplement industry 30 years ago.  I discuss many Life Priority products in this informative information. Pro athlete or not, invest properly in your health and it will pay dividends!

Here is a look at issues that specifically affect active individuals during their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond and how to use certain supplements to get the most out of your life or your game!

Teens and the “20s”
 Young athletes are tempted to eat a lot of sugar and processed foods which can impede a young athlete’s abilities. At a minimum, young athletes should use the high-quality multivitamin/mineral from Life Priority called One Per Meal Lifeguard after meals along with Omega-3 Priority for the essential fatty acids, the Vita-C2 product for eyes and muscle recovery, and Whey of Life, a great sugar-free protein supplement to ensure that they are getting the basics of essential nutrition.

The “30s”

Just like their 20-something counterparts, athletes in their 30’s need nutrients to enhance brain, joint and muscle activity.  There are certain nutrients that help the brain make neurotransmitters.  All of our thoughts and reactions are controlled by neurotransmitters. The Life Priority supplements, Lift or Lift Caps, Mind, and Muscle Memory enhance the ability of the brain to make quicker, wiser and winning decisions in competition. Proper attention to dealt with joint inflammation is a wise thing to do. “Had I had the opportunity to play my MLB career over again, I would have used glucosamine every day to lower or eliminate joint pain.” Glucosamine use can certainly help speed recovery from injury or overuse. For maximum joint support, I suggest that all pro athletes and/or weekend warriors use the Life Priority products Joint Decision, Total Joint Complex, Calcium Priority, Magnesium Priority, One Per Meal Lifeguard, and Vita C2 to help get enough of the essential nutrients for maximum joint health benefits.

“The Fabulous 40s”
A 40-year-old body can no longer fight those unstable molecules like it did when it was 20. To prevent free radical damage to muscle tissue and from causing inflammation and soreness, I highly suggest staying active and boosting the antioxidant supplies by using the Life Priority supplements Joint Decision, Total Joint Complex, Calcium Priority, Magnesium Priority, One Per Meal Lifeguard, and Vita C2.

“Facing 50 And Beyond”
L-arginine is an amino acid that we get from our diet and is one of the most popular ingredients to ever hit the market. “We know that L-arginine improves strength, sprint time and recovery time in high-intensity exercise; now studies are showing it can also help older individuals who are just starting to retrain their muscles, or are battling chronic injuries or fatigue.” Two common myths are that 50-somethings can’t build muscle or perform at peak levels. Using a serving of the Life Priority product Muscle Memory before exercise will enhance your exercise potential and recovery from exercise.

There are some particulars to consider in each decade of life, everybody can be supported by nutrition and supplements to boost general health, athletic performance and speed up recovery time.

When ordering at please use the code HIGH5 and get free shipping on your first order of any Life Priority product.  “Let Life Priority support your quest for health like I did”!

Greg Pryor, Life Priority President, Pro baseball player from ‘71-‘87

Order at or 1-800-787-5438. Email me at

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